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Paper: 'Vital Material Engagements: Interactions, Participation and the 'Ticker-Tape' art installation', ASA 2015, University of Exeter

Short Abstract: This paper explores the role of 'Artist' as 'Anthropologist' and considers the types of learning outcomes available when the artist offers co-authorship of their work to their students.

Long Abstract: 'Ticker-Tape' is an art installation created by Eloise Govier to spotlight and generate discussion on areas of contention in the public domain. Ticker-Tape was launched in April 2013 and has been executed in various sites across Europe; ranging from a large-scale public art installation in Bristol's Millennium Square to a UNESCO-protected modernist housing estate in Berlin. The artwork involves the moving of fluorescent bricks around a space, and the interaction between bodies and bricks creates a spectacle that beckons bystanders to bear witness.

Recently the artist offered co-authorship of the piece to a group of Level 4 anthropology students partaking in the 'Interactions with the Environment' course at the Lampeter School, University of Wales Trinity Saint David. This paper, taking inspiration from Tim Ingold's bold claim "Know for yourself!" (2013), examines participatory art as a method of experiential learning in an HE context.