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Interactive Sculpture: Becoming Earth?, Beyond Perception 15, University of Aberdeen

Title: Becoming Earth? Feeling and hearing invisible plastics.

Abstract: On a recent trip to Sea Mills Floodplain in the Bristol area to stake claim to litter - in this instance a polystyrene boulder lying in ruin - researchers from the AHRC 'Power and the Water' Project commented on the sound of plastic crunching beneath their feet as they walked across the grass. The experience of walking across the landscape had revealed that the appearance of the green growing land was deceptive, for it squeaked and crackled from the build up of invisible plastics lying beneath. 

Inspired by this interaction with the environment, I invite 'fellow travellers' (Ingold 2013: 96) to walk on grass inside the workshop space. The interactive sculpture is made from an area of turf (1m x 1m) loaded with invisible plastics beneath the grass. Participants are invited to explore our contemporary relationship with plastic by entering correspondence (2013: 7) with material via the artwork. We will use this engagement to think from the body (Ingold 2013: 94) and recognise, perhaps even reconfigure, our relationship with plastic.