Ticker-Tape: Berlin

Ticker-Tape: Berlin is the first in a series of happenings occurring in several different countries whereby the artist transforms spaces through the deliberate placement of coloured bricks. The Berlin Kunst-Happening took place on Wednesday (17 April 2013) in the former Eastern Zone, in a garden courtyard of the Carl Legien Housing Estate, one of six estates listed by UNESCO World Cultural Heritage as representing Berlin Modernism (http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/1239). 

Onlookers saw Eloise move around the garden courtyard of the buildings firstly stacking the bricks in the centre of the courtyard and exiting the space before re-entering and repeatedly bringing down the layers of the bricks onto the floor so that colour quickly exploded across the ground. Like the confetti left outside a church after a wedding or on the streets after a parade, Ticker-Tape acts as a sign for human interaction.  

By placing the bricks in the space Eloise celebrated the work of architect Bruno Taut, whose motto was “Colour is zest for life” (Farbe ist Lebensfreude). The buildings surrounding the space she selected are still painted in the same vibrant shades that were part of Taut’s design in 1929. Like the distance between rows of houses, the generous-sized rooms and the many windows brightening up each apartment, the colours were a deliberate decision intended to make life more pleasant for low-income tenants. Ticker-Tape: Berlin acknowledged the careful consideration that was given to ensuring living spaces were conducive to a healthy and happy community - a sentiment that should be upheld and celebrated.