Ticker-Tape: Playground

'Ticker-Tape: Playground' occurred at Ysgol Gyfun Emlyn/Newcastle Emlyn Secondary School in Wales at 11:20am on Thursday 9.5.13. The artist stacked 100 bricks in the centre of the caged space before silently placing the fluorescent bricks on the floor so that they appeared like confetti scattered across the playground.  The luminous bricks seemed even brighter against the back drop of the grey sky and torrential rain that fell on the school; students watched eagerly from windows and doorways.  When asked about the meaning behind the artwork Eloise said: "The playground is a socially significant space, I wanted to spotlight it, the bricks from afar look like confetti - hence the project being named Ticker-Tape - and yet when you are up close, the physicality of the bricks becomes tangible, you can see how it prevents you moving through the space. A lot of stuff happens on the playground that stays with us through life".  She went on to say: "Art doesn't just happen in galleries, I wanted to show the students that it can happen here, today, and that they are a part of it. Their reaction is as much a part of the piece as the bricks themselves." 

Photo credit: Amelia Kilvington 

Thanks also to Glan Morgan.

Eloise Govier