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Research 'Running with Drones'
Govier, E. Running with Drones


‘Running with drones’ captures a group of humans trying to domesticate a drone during an experimental (and inaugural) flight. The short film focuses on the emerging relationship between humans and technology.

Despite their intentions to domesticate technology, the drone did not yield to their control. Instead, its unfamiliar gaze unexpectedly objectified the participants; its panoptic abilities captured their trials and errors, and offered a new and unanticipated way of seeing.

By experimenting with the extension of the gaze the piece documents the group actively learning to ‘see’ with the drone.


The auto-filmed piece references dogme 95 tenets through the utilisation of accessible, commercially available technology (2016) and authentic ‘props’ (own clothes, familiar landscapes). Filmed August 2016.


Short film edited by Eloise Govier.